Website Features

We have created a wide variety of websites that use a number of useful features to achieve their goals.  Below is a list covering some of those features:

This list is by no way all encompasing as every project brings us new feature requests.

All websites we create are controlled by content management systems which allow the website owner to easily control their content.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Select Just The Elements We Need For Our Website

Absolutely, we are happy to add as much or a little is required. 

Can we add functions at a later date

Absolutely, our sites are flexible and we work with each client on an individual basis

Can You Train Us On Our Site

We would be delighted to deliver training, in fact we would encourage it.  We offer very flexible training in 30 minutes increments so you can just do the bits that you need, saving your time

We Already Have A Site Will You Help Us

We would be very happy to help, we would need to see your site and speak to you to arrange the best option for you

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