Course Outlines

Excel Course Outline

Starting Excel – Local And Online Versions 365

The Excel Screen

Accessing Help

Entering Data

Spreadsheets – New, Saving, Opening And Closing

Saving To The Cloud For Backup


Creating A New Spreadsheet

Opening An Existing Spreadsheet

Closing A Spreadsheet


Formatting Rows, Columns, Cells And Data

Splitting And Freezing A Window

Spell Checking

Creating And Working With Charts

Creating Headers, Footers and Page Numbers

Adding Print Titles

Formulas And Nested IF Statements

Hiding Columns, Rows And Sheets

Protecting Sheets

Macro Building

Inserting An Excel Worksheet Into A Word Document

Outlook Course Outline

Starting Outlook – Local And Online Versions 365

The Outlook Screen

Accessing Help

Reading Email

Saving Attachments

Sending Email With A File Attached

Responding To Email

Forward A Message

Creating Signatures

Spam Awareness

Searching For Mail

Sent Items



Calendar Views

Scheduling Calendar Items

Schedule An Appointment

Schedule A Recurring Appointment

Editing Calendar Items

Deleting Calendar Items


Creating A Contact With New Information

Creating A Contact From An Email

Using The Global Address List

Deleting A Contact

PowerPoint Course Outline

Word Course Outline

Starting Word – Local And Online Versions 365

The Word Screen

Accessing Help

Creating And Editing Text

Selecting Text, Undoing Editing

Cut, Copy & Paste

To Create A New Document

Document Filenames

Saving A Document

Save As – A Different Filename

Saving To The Cloud For Backup

Opening An Existing Document

Closing A Document

Formatting Text, Pages And Paragraphs


Spell Checking

Headers And Footers

Use Styles To Streamline Repetitive Formatting Tasks

Sorting A List

Adding A Watermark

Inserting Graphic Objects

Creating Tables

Creating Table Of Contents

Using Mail Merge

WordPress Course Outline

Choosing And Registering A Domain Name

Choosing The Right Hosting Partner

Installing WordPress

Securing WordPress

Choosing A Theme

Creating Pages

Creating Posts

Meta Descriptions And Snippets

Using Header Tags For SEO

Selecting The Right Plugins

Adding Cookie Notification

Linking To Mailchimp

Contact Forms Vs Advertising Email Addresses

Using Images And Optimising Them For SEO

Creating Easy To Navigate Menus

Creating Sitemaps And Robots Files

Linking To Social Media Accounts

Adding Videos

Configuring Google Analytics


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Yes, we have been using Office since it was released in 1990 – although please note anything below Office 2010 is no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore is a security risk to your computers and data.  

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We would be very happy to help, we can provide training and support on all things IT.  From what computer to buy to how to keep all your important documents safe

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