Website Design and SEO

Website Design and SEO

If Google doesn’t like it, then your customers won’t find it


Great website design is something that can be surprisingly and deceptively difficult. After all, the chief goal is to achieve a design that’s not only usable and pleasing to look at, but also delivers the required information on a visually coherent and technically sound level.  That Google likes and will show to your customers

Here’s a look at some of the key essentials of good website design:


Organic SEO -Google page ranking

  • Developing a substantial presence online means creating a website that’s easy for your customers to find on Google – this requires the organic SEO to be correct.


  • When developing an SEO strategy, think about the search terms your target user might enter into search engines to find you, then place them strategically throughout your pages.


  • Navigation is key when we talk about website design. It’s essentially that the user journey showcases how visitors would navigate from screen to screen.
  • Therefore, focus on a proper navigation hierarchy, content that’s streamlined, a responsive design which allows the website to display effortlessly across all devices, and buttons/calls to action in all the right places.


  • Since the entire subject revolves around the importance of design essentials, a good rule of thumb we’d recommend is to focus on staying consistent.
  • For instance, use the same logo, fonts, colours, style of photos, tone of voice, etc. So, pick a design according to what you feel best matches the audience persona, and then use it consistently throughout.


  • Layout or spacing can make a dramatic difference in terms of keeping things clean, clear and easy to identify.
  • Line spacing, for instance, is important – too little can make it easy for the reader to spill over from the current line to the next, while too much can cause the reader to get lost before he/she gets to the next line.
  • Then there’s padding – using the right space between text and other elements to make the key messages stand out.
  • Finally, white space – use just enough to elegantly lay everything out but not so much so as to distract your reader from the main calls to action.

Images and Video

  • Ensure the images and video you use are relevant and appealing to your customers, they are the right dimensions and compressed.
  • They also need to be renamed and use the correct keywords

Importance of Colours

  • The colour scheme you choose plays a major role in website designing. Picking and mixing the right colours according to your brand design can make the website look inspiring, while too much can make it look rushed and tacky.
  • Think about what kind of colours your audience might best respond to.

Order of Information

  • What are you trying to achieve with your design? Do you want readers to respond to a limited offer that’s only available for the current season? Or do you want to inform and educate them on a specific subject? Consider your audience’s key pain points and arrange the information in order of importance.

Words Used

  • The choice of words can really make or break your website’s design. Again, bring your audience persona into question – what kind of language can they easily relate to? Google recommends a minimum of 300 per page.

Top of Google Searches

  • Organic SEO aside, ensure that your website has lots of useful articles, videos, photos, whitepapers, reviews and enticing landing page copy – and keep your overall design responsive as most sites now receive more traffic from mobile devices, oh and because Google loves responsive design.



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