What is a SSD?

SSD stands for solid-state drive. It’s basically the same as a USB flash drive or memory stick, but much bigger and faster. Unlike a hard disk, a SSD has no moving parts.

What is a SSHD?

SSHD stand for solid-state hybrid drive. It’s a traditional hard disk with a small amount of solid-state storage built in, typically 8GB. The drive appears as a single device to Windows, and a controller chip decides which data is accessed the most frequently and therefore stored on the SSD part.


SSD is much faster but it’s also more expensive.  If you store your most of documents, photos etc in the cloud then this will be a great option.

SSHD gives you more storage pound for pound, so if you need to store your files on your computer or don’t want to put them cloud then this is a better option for you.